Latest thrift store finds

In 2009, a study linked PMS and compulsive shopping. I wasn't in the study but I can attest to the fact that I do go out and indulge in retail therapy now and then before that time of the month. (Apparently, PMS also makes me stay up late watching Twilight and eating egg-free raw cookie dough.) Fortunately, I hit the thrift stores instead of the mall which means I don't spend much. 

Now, I didn't go out shopping just to shop. I was on a mission. Last time at Mission Possible I passed up some really pretty bowls. Then when I got home, I realized they would have been perfect for the outdoor kitchen. Of course, the bowls were gone by the time I got back. Rule No. 1 of thrifting, you better get it when you see it. But I did find some other goodies. 

From Mission Possible:

Awesome vintage Cat in the Hat beginner books for my beginning reader. Two frames for an idea kicking around my head. An unopened Martha craft kit that I had always wanted to try but was unwilling to pay full price for in the store. A Hallmark bunny candy container. Not pictured, the dinosaur toy my shopping buddy Joseph brought home. It was too much fun to leave at the store.

From Lovelady:

Old Navy shirt with a cool summer print for Will now, Joseph later. A framed botanical print. I've read too many Martha magazines not to bring it home. It was the fun yellow frame/mat combo that really caught my eye. More books ... I love collecting books that are a "series." I found "I am a Puppy" to match "I am a Kitten" which of course matches one of our all-time favorites, "I am a Bunny." And that "The Little Kitten" actually matches a book I had when I was little, "The Little Duck." Not pictured, a small blue camping pot Joseph found for the outdoor kitchen. It also doubles as a hat. 

You can also see a copy of "The Velveteen Rabbit" in the picture. I've been looking for a nice copy and at 45 cents, I couldn't find better. I'm not ready to read it to the boys yet ... we love our Baby Bunny so much. I'm worried what Joseph will take away from the story — might he worry that I'll throw bunny away the next time he is sick? Or be disappointed when his own bunny doesn't turn into a real bunny? Of course, when I read it to them I'll have a few tears running down my face.

Your own stories of retail therapy? Craziest thing you ever bought under the influence of hormones?

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