Joseph turns 3!

Posting those pictures of Joseph looking just like his daddy made me remember I hadn't officially acknowledged the yearly passing of time that is a birthday ...

Joseph turned 3 in May. I am counting down the days until he turns 4 because this little guy is a STINKER! Come on, look at that grin! "No" makes no impact on him. If he wants something, he will let you know long and loud.  I called him Mr. Determination yesterday because he will work and work and work to get where and what he wants — in this case it was into my lap. EVERY SINGLE MORNING he demands snack (or candy or ice cream) and EVERY SINGLE MORNING I tell him the same thing, it's time for breakfast. He's his own person but at the same time, he wants to do everything big brother does. He adores Will. 

His birthday party was the easiest and cheapest. We went to his school gym and had cupcakes. Everyone had a blast riding around and round. All the kids were good and tired afterwards.

Joseph asked for strawberry cupcakes. He doesn't even like strawberries. But I made them (and some chocolate too). Joseph ate the icing. Which is pretty much what I expected since that's what he does with all cupcakes. And who can blame him. I love icing too.