Random Thoughts

It's LEGOs 24/7 around here as we gear up for Will's themed party on Saturday. Thanks to all the other Lego parties blogged on the web, planning has been pretty easy. Working on decorations today and finishing the huge pinata. It's going to be our first "drop off" party which will be interesting. It is also our first boy-only party. I limited the guest list to five for my sanity. It was sad not inviting everyone we know but I can do that with Joseph's party. Which I'll have to start working on as soon as Will's party is cleaned up. Can you guess what theme we'll have for a little boy obsessed with bunnies?

Will finally watched Star Wars! All the way through this time. And he sort of liked it. Gearing up to watch Empire Strikes Back soon. 

Boys took spring pictures at school today. I can't wait to see them.

I'm pretty proud of myself ... I've painted six of the 10 walls in my weird angular hallway. I've been working a little bit at a time while the kids are in school. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten a place.

Went to one of our area's largest consignment sales today. I think I got a few good deals (The best? A Mulberribush long-sleeve T in Joseph's size for $2!) and some cute items for the boys to wear. I also looked at books and brought home some vintage treasures.

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