Peeps battle royale

So it's after Easter now ... wondering what to do with all those Peeps sitting around?


ARM your combatants.

STICK in microwave. Start with 10-12 seconds and watch as they battle it out. (Microwave times may vary. It's like popcorn — don't let them go too long!)

DECLARE Purple Chickadee the winner over Sir Melts-a-lot.

EAT the loser AND the victor but refuse to let your mom get a good picture.

We brought this idea home from the McWane Science Center and their Candyology day back in March. Will was very hopeful the Easter Bunny would put Peeps in his basket for more battles. While lots of fun, there is science behind it. Rest easy knowing you're not filling your kids up with sugar, you're making them smarter!

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