DIY Easter: Egg crafts

Here's my egg garland! You may remember it from the spring to-do wish-I-was-more-talented list. I give Modern Parents Messy Kids the award for best use of paint chips. 

And here's the garland my neighbor Christine made. She was inspired by my post but got hers finished way, way before me. We both used about 30-35 paint chips, cut in half to make two eggs per card. Go ahead and get you some paint chips now because this is THE craft for this spring season — easy, cheap and chic.

The boys and I made these Easter baskets filled with thumbprint "eggs" Monday morning. I got the idea from Silly Eagle Books. Sorry the picture is not the greatest. From left, the baskets are by Will, me and Joseph. I prepared the baskets the night before using paper I had on hand so all I had to do was open the paint for Will in the morning which helped keep him from losing interest. Joseph was more interested in painting his hand because that's what they usually do at school for various crafts. (They made the cutest butterflies using their feet recently!) I give this craft four stars for being quick and easy.

Here are a few more egg-related crafts that, for me, will have to wait until next year:

Look at these felt Easter eggs! I want to stay up all night and make a dozen or two!
Visit Clean by LuSa Organics for all the instructions. I would have to pair them with these felt carrots.

Easy Yarn Eggs via The Crafty Crow.*

Got a quick and easy egg-themed craft? Please share!

*FYI, The Crafty Crow is my go-to place for kid craft ideas. Just visited as I worked on this post and found a dozen things I want to make like these, and this and this too. Time to stop looking!


  1. The baskets turned out great! I also love your paint chip garlands!! So fun. Thanks for leaving me a link!

  2. You guys did a great job with those garlands. I added them to my reader projects pinterest page. Check it out here: