A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

This morning a bird flew down our chimney and into the living room. He was very scared and I wasn't too confident either. But ALL BY MYSELF! I wrapped him in a towel and walked him to the front door. I'm proud of myself and proud that my boys got to see mommy handle herself well. 

Here's a bird that is welcome in the house. The Lego store here hosts free monthly mini-builds. Which translates into standing in a long line waiting to make something tiny but free. Will loves building. I love free. We made this little birdy in March.* I thought she needed a nest. And a little egg to sit on.

Now she happily sits on the mantle welcoming spring. I had a crazy idea to make a dozen more Lego birds and maybe some rabbits ... but this will do.

*If you do not live near a Lego store or can't make the monthly builds, Lego posts instructions online for a limited time each month. 

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  1. We have never been in for the free builds, but we do get the Lego Club magazine.