DIY Easter: Easter trees

I work well on deadlines. I had a tissue blossom tree on my to-do list since the forsythias bloomed early in February (one of my favorite blooming plants!) but it took Easter looming for me to get it done. This is not so much an Easter tree but it is a nice and easy spring-time decoration. Seriously easy ... you need sticks, tissue and glue. Kids can help with this one.

A little more ambitious but not out of reach is an Easter egg tree. This is the work of my neighbor Christine and it is gorgeous. She said the hardest part of the whole thing was hollowing out the eggs but it actually wasn't that hard for her. She figured out the secret ... grab a bulb syringe (you know, that thing you use to get snot out of little ones' noses) and those eggs will be empty in no time.

She strung the eggs using ribbon and beads outside while the kids played and finished by the time the sun set. It is now a pretty decoration inside that can be saved from year to year. 

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