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Rainy, rainy Sunday here. Not as wet as some places — my mom saw more than eight inches in Memphis, south of Nashville saw more than 12 inches of rain!

We had already decided after some discussion that we were ready for Will to watch Star Wars. Most of his friends have seen it and they have been telling him about the characters. He even got a lightsaber from one of these friends for his birthday. So we thought a nice, quiet rainy Sunday would be the perfect time to pop in one of our favorite movies.

Ironically, we don't own Star Wars. Well, we do have it on VHS but that's not hooked up (anyone still using VHS?) and Chris at some point bought one of the prequels on DVD. But Will is going to watch Star Wars the way we did so off Chris went to Blockbuster to rent A New Hope. Which will always be the FIRST ONE to me!

It was so sweet when Chris got home with the movies (because if you are going to rent Star Wars you might as well rent Empire too). Chris handed them to Will for a big "surprise" moment but Will just brought them to me saying, look what daddy got for me to watch when I'm bigger. So we sat down with Will and told him that we DID think he was big enough. It took a second but Will got excited when he realized what we were saying.

So we settled into the couch with popcorn and got ready to share this wonderful movie experience with Will ...

And 10 minutes later he wanted to go back to watching Olivia. We begged him to give it a few more minutes. "Come on Will, Luke is coming up. At least see what Luke looks like." But it was no use. He declared that he was not big enough to watch and reluctantly, we let it go.

Maybe next time, daddy shouldn't start off a movie by telling Will, "it's a little scary."

* For more awesome Vader pictures, check out Dave Prowse's official site. James Earl Jones may be the voice but Prowse has the moves.

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