We've got mail

Notice this new little button on the side?

Aimee at Adventures and Pursuits is behind this fun postcard swap. I love getting mail and so does Will (okay, not as much as momma). As soon as I saw this swap, I knew I wanted us to participate. Aimee had such a response that she organized not one but four groups of swappers. We mailed out 40 postcards last week and should get one back from most of the other 49 states in the coming months. I say most because our group is missing a few states and each group is missing North Dakota.

Now I need to print up a map of the United States. As we receive a postcard I plan to spend a few minutes talking about the state and looking at how far it is from us here in Alabama. I'm pretty good with geography and maps. I loved looking at license plates when I was a kid and at one point earned $5 from my dad by learning the state and state capitals. I'm not going to make Will do all that but he is ready to learn about the wide world that's out there waiting for him to conquer.

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