Pep talk for myself

I've been ignoring my blog. Not really ignoring because I'm one of those people who constantly writes posts, Facebook statuses or thank you cards in my head. If I'm staring off into space, I'm probably doing one of those three. But I haven't been posting because honestly, I don't like the name. It was a good idea but it doesn't fit the blog. I'll still write about food and friends but if I'm going to do this, I want a new name that reflects more of what this blog is and who I am.

So I've got a new name and once I get the hubby to help me set it up, I'll share it with you. But he's busy with his own blog and work and then there's the hundred million other things that make up a day so it's going to be awhile. In the meantime I just need to get over the name and write. At least it will get some of the thoughts that clutter up my brain to clear out. Because Lord knows I need more brain space for genius statuses.

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