LEGO punk

You could consider me a LEGO fangirl. Will has enthusiastically taken to legos and mommy and daddy are right there with him. And so are the grandmothers. Will gets tons of sets at birthdays and holidays. One of his favorite stores is the LEGO store at the Galleria (his other favorite? The Apple store of course).

We like legos because they are fairly inexpensive (a treat for son and dad is to "pick your own" bricks at the store for $8) and inspire creativity. You can make just about anything and then play with it. We are lucky to have the LEGO store in town ... they host free monthly builds and special events.  

Recently I saw this picture (sorry, don't remember which blog featured it) and thought ... $250??!!! It's nice and all, does have a diamond but heck, for $2.50 I'll just make my own.

Which I did in about 5 seconds. Supplies include legos (I bought my own and Will was right there making sure I didn't raid his box), hot glue and ring blanks. I had a very hard time finding ring blanks at the local craft stores so bought some off Etsy. Glue ring blank to lego, making sure it's centered, and you are ready to build in style. For fun, add some "bling."

See, mine has a "diamond" too!

In no way am I trying to claim originality. I made mine without looking up instructions but there are plenty of folks out there making these. Chris likes them so much that he suggested I make some to sell but a quick search on Etsy turns up close to 200 hits. If we ever travel to a LEGO Con (oh yes, there are conventions) maybe I can make some to trade. That would be cool.

Here are some more cool LEGO jewelry ideas ...

I love the heart shape of this necklace, the clasp is the legos!

For the ultimate Lego fans, these could stand in for wedding rings.

Here is another more expensive but very mod Lego ring that you can build on.

Want more jewelry? Ubrickit is the mother lode.

FunkyTrend did a whole post on interesting Lego jewelry.



  1. Those are so fun! I have not seen them before but what a cute gift for teachers of care givers!!!

  2. Love! Think these would be a big hit with my preschool class.

  3. My son would think these are cool... Found you @ Skip to My Lou. Funny, you're practically a neighbor {I'm in the b'ham area too} yet I find you through a huge linky party. :)

  4. cute, big lego fans here! lego even makes "jewels" so you could add one to be really oh so fancy! saw you on mouthwatering monday :)

  5. What a great idea. I like that kids can customize them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, I love Lego jewelry. I blogged about it myself a while back. That heart necklace is my favorite!

    (visiting from Skip to my Lou)

  7. These are the coolest, I have never saw such fun jewelry. Please consider linking this up to my blog bash K.I.S.S.=Keep It Simple Sunday, the link is open til Tues evening. Happy to be a new follower. :)


  8. Ha! How fun!? Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  9. FYI, the hot glue may not be the best glue choice. Researching other adhesives and will report back.