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Instead of Random Thoughts Thursday, it's random pictures I'm bringing to the table today. As I am putting up Christmas this week, I wanted to share a few things.

One of my favorite presents to receive this year was three vintage Christmas Golden Books. I would show you a picture of them all laid out nicely, but Joseph had other plans. Overall, we had 25 books come into the house over the course of the Christmas season and that's not counting these or the ones we get in the mail. Whoa! I bought some, Santa brought more, grandmothers added to the mix. 

Here are my felt trees that took forever to finish. Okay, the first two were finished well before Christmas, but the last one on the right I finished last night. I saw a picture last year and thought, I want to make one but I couldn't stop with just one. Mine are a little different so I'll share how-tos next Christmas. I'm happy to say they have already got several compliments.

What, you didn't have robot to watch over your Christmas decorations? 
Will saw it at a local crafts fair and I had to agree, he's pretty cute.

Do you have an Angry Birds champion in your house? In fact, as I type this Will is happily playing away on my iPhone. He loved getting this shirt for Christmas from mommy and daddy.

And that blue tinsel tree might be one of my new favorite Christmas decorations. I had a regular green tree in my hand while out shopping after-Christmas sales but Will spied the blue one. He didn't want to put it up after Christmas but I convinced him it would be safe in the attic. I look forward to decorating it with him next year.

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