Hearts for Valentine's Day

When I saw Made by Joel's felt heart garland I knew I wanted one too. I liked his red, white and black color scheme. Looking through my stack of felt, I chose red, orange and yellow with a little black thrown in. Since I'm not friends with my sewing machine, I hand-stiched everything. If you were machine stitching, you could probably make this in a couple of hours. But this took me a couple of days working in front of the TV after the kiddos were tucked safely in bed. 

I tried it out first on my mantle and it was okay. But I lack the mantle-decorating gene. So I moved it to the dining room wall. It at least looks festive there. I would guess the cost was under $3 ... four pieces of felt and maybe 1 1/2 yards of ribbon.


The print says "Be happy for this moment this moment is your life."
Amanda at Kind Over Matter very kindly shared it with her readers. 

I especially need the reminder when the boys are driving me nuts. 

I need the reminder a lot.

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  1. I love this! I thought I was on Valentine-themed overload, but this is soooso sweet! I think I'd leave it up year-round! :D