Bunny love

You may remember that I wanted to nickname Joseph "Linus" for carrying around a pillowcase. Everywhere Joseph went so did the pillowcase and his stuffed monkey, aka "Kitty."

But these days there is a new person that dominates his life, or should I say, a new bunny. Bunny goes everywhere. On the few occasions that Bunny is not in Joseph's arms, Joseph will wander around the house with the most pitiful expression moaning, "Where's Bunny? Where's Bunny?"

I dared put Bunny in the dryer one day after Bunny had a drink in the cats' water bowl and you would have thought it was the end of the world. Joseph stood crying in front of the dryer until Bunny was rescued though still slightly damp. We can't look at bunny books at the bookstore because Joseph will cry until he is back home holding Bunny. Bunny now rides in the car. But we can't take Bunny to school because Joseph got very upset with his classmates. Nobody messes with Bunny.

It really is precious. We did not go through this with Will. Will pretty much wanted us to hold him all the time and wasn't so concerned with holding anything himself. He did eventually latch on to a baby doll that he named Scooter Hatrider. And then this last summer he had a brief fling with a Barbie. But when Will was little, it was just him and a blanket in the crib.

Joseph has a whole party in da crib. There's Bunny, a back-up Bunny, Kitty, a pillow, blanket and just today he added the life-size Winnie the Pooh to the mix. It's fun to see Joseph try to carry everyone at once. And we certainly can't all fit in the rocking chair to read stories but we sure try. Not sure how long this new love will last, but I'm enjoying watching Joseph love and care for his Bunny.

Now, are you ready for some super-cute photos?

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