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Poor Joseph. I knew the second child wouldn't get as much attention as the first, especially since the first child in our house still demands so much attention. We try to take pictures of him, but we have so many more pictures of Will. The first time around, I sent out e-mails to family and friends at three months, six months, nine months and so on. I never sent an e-mail out about Joseph. (Except when he was born; Chris handled that.) With Will, I wrote down everything little thing he did ... first time jumping on one foot, snapping his fingers. Joseph not so much. So here ... here is my little guy. 

We should have named you Linus. You latched on to Will's pillowcase pretty hard a couple of months ago. Thankfully, Will didn't mind. You also love a stuffed monkey named "Kitty."

You have a crazy vocabulary ... cup, night-night, finished, mommy, kitty, woofwoof, bottle, book. Even two- and three-word sentences. "See that?" "What's this?" When you want something, you repeat meme meme. Yesterday I said for him, "thank you Will" and he repeated it so sweetly. It's also very cute when you say no, shaking your head.

We hear "no" a lot when it comes to vegetables and fruits and meat ... not eating much variety these days. Loves spaghetti and pizza and french fries. Lucky you, Will didn't get french fries much when he was little. You and Will seem to be trading taste buds. Will didn't eat bananas for a whole year and now loves them. You loved bananas but now won't eat them. It does make it hard to feed both of you!

You are great at entertaining yourself. One of your favorite activities is to sit and look at brother's Hot Wheels. You pull them out one by one. But one day, you'll have to start putting them back in.

When riding in a shopping cart, instead of looking at what is behind mommy, you turn to look where we are going.

At diaper time, I can't just pull your shorts/pants/PJs down. They have to be off. Maybe winter will change your mind about that.

Easy baby to put to sleep. Will required much, much rocking and holding. You don't care for rocking at all. We just put you down and you go to sleep. Sometimes there are a few minutes of fussing but then you settle down for the night. Lately some teething pain has been waking you up 2/3 a.m. so you come snuggle with mommy and daddy.

Such an easy-going toddler until you don't get what you want. You'll even go all the way to the floor for a tantrum. Will didn't do that so where did you learn it from? You cry for a minute or two and then you're off doing something else. Right now we're starting to learn about sharing. And that includes mommy. You don't like Will to sit in mommy's lap or look at something with her. You try and push him away. We were worried that Will would be jealous of Joseph but we never thought we'd have to worry about it the other way around!

Favorite books right now include "Freight Train," "Big Red Barn," "Goodnight Gorilla," "Big Dog," "Doggies," "That's not my Dinosaur," "Moondance," "Good Dog Carl" and many, many more.

If I tell Will to get socks, you go to get his shoes AND your shoes. You love shoes and will try to walk around in everyone's pairs. You especially want to go wherever brother is going, do whatever he is doing.

And now, I've got to go get you out of Enzo's water bowl ... again!

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