Letting go

I'm a Virgo. A long time ago I read somewhere that Virgos tend to over analyze things. I've found it to be true of most, if not all, of the Virgos I know. We can talk a lot about a situation, pouring over tone and inflection in a person's voice, how they stood, etc. I do not find this boring.

My husband is not a Virgo. He is not interested in me finishing a sentence let alone wondering out loud if I should have said something different or maybe I should call. Or on the flip side how wrong that other person was, they really were wrong. Over analyzing could also look like having a tough time letting go of things. Poor Chris, because he knows, boy does he know.

Today is a great example. Something happened this morning and I've been chewing on it all day. Or has it been eating at me? Both.

We got two DVDs at the library Tuesday. It was actually very sweet — instead of renting a DVD for himself, Will picked out two Baby Einstein DVDs for Joseph. I put one in the player Wednesday and the machine spit it back out twice. Then I noticed it was broken. Not the first time we've gotten a bad DVD from the library. I returned it today, told them it was broken and walked out. One of the librarians I don't know by name actually ran after me to tell me that we have to pay for it. What? We didn't break it. I'm 99 percent sure. The kids had them in their hands; Will carried them from the car. But it takes an awful lot to break a DVD. He swore his folks would not have given us a broken DVD. Again, not the first time we've had problems with the DVDs that his folks have given us. (Note: I really know his folks would not have liked to be referred to like that.)

There have been books with torn pages and writing. In the past, I've never had a problem saying this is how we got the product. We take care of the things that we are lent from the library. Just as we take care of the things we are lent from a friend. I did not like the implication that we were those people that I'm sure they have to deal with every day ... careless people that don't respect things.

If we had broken it, I would have been the first to ask, "how much do we owe you for this?" And Will would have had to pitch in a dollar or two if he had broken it to teach him to respect things.

We love our library. We go once or twice a week. The librarians in the children's department know my children. They call us to make sure we're coming to family night. Our library system recently had a 50 percent cut in budget. Maybe they have been told that any and all damaged goods must be replaced and to take a hard line with the patrons. I told the guy this morning that we love the library so fine, we'll pay for it. But we didn't break it.

My husband, who has been know to argue with a cop on more than one occasion, was very so what about the whole matter. Our kids, your wife was accused of breaking something and trying to return it without replacing it ...

(let it go)

But it's like last summer when the swim teacher accused Will of pushing the little guy next to him into the water. I was watching and that kid jumped on his own. Swim teacher was just upset that a parent had to jump in and get the kid since swim teacher was busy with another kid. I'll be the first to admit when Will is in the wrong BUT it really bugs me when he (or I) are accused of something we didn't do!

(let it go)

but ...

(let it go!)

but ...


but ...

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