Birdie for baby

This cute little guy will be winging his way to Milwaukee tomorrow. Hopefully, he will get there before the stork. I hope the new parents-to-be like it and all the other goodies I tucked into the box.

Now, this is in no way an original idea. (Just head over to Etsy, type "felt bird" and I'll see you back in a couple of hours.) One hundred percent saw it and thought, I can do that. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. And sometimes, I never get around to the doing. But this, I actually did!

My first birdie was going to be an ornament. But I loved it and attached him to a onesie for Joseph' first birthday instead. When my talented neighbor offered to make the cake, I asked her to match my felt robin. Which matched the invitations

I made cupcakes to match too because you can never have too much cake!

While we are on the subject of birds and onesies, this is the cute onesie Joseph got for his birthday. Made by a local artist. I like the brown/yellow combination and button eye. No, it's not the best picture but he was much more interested in the dishwasher at the time than having his picture taken. 


  1. Thanx, Christina! You know, I don't have a pix of this birdie cake. I'd love to have one for my Maveycakes portfolio!