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Welcome to Random Thoughts Thursday. Good Lord, another week almost gone ...

I have a new favorite song. "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I'm a big fan of commercial music. So I wanted to know who was behind the music in the new Ford Fiesta commercial (push button to start). And that song is "Janglin," but then I was listening to more of their stuff and fell in love with "Home." I love the refrain ... "Ahh home. Let me come home/Home is wherever I'm with you" ... Love it! Love it! Love it! Had a known about the group before yesterday, I would have caught their show in Memphis earlier this month. But they'll be swinging back through the South this fall. So this is what I'll be cranking later when I wash the floors.

Was introduced to a wonderful idea on Everyday I Write the Book ... Find your four things and live your life. Basically, if you're really good at a few things, folks won't notice the stuff that's not so perfect, like my floors. So what can be my four things ... Chocolate chip pancakes? That's what my boys think are my speciality. Apple cake? It's yummy and I'll share a bad picture and good recipe soon. Definitely being the best darn room mom the teacher has ever seen. So far I've been room mom every year but one. And that's only because I thought I should not hog the fun. I missed being room mom that year and found out that other moms are perfectly find with me hogging the fun. So that's three ... will have to think of a fourth. The whole post "A few more obvious tips for not-very-good homemakers" is fun, read it here.

Ugh! Time to wash the floors now. Then clean the porch. I'm hosting play group in the morning. I'll admit it rather stresses me out but these folks are friends so the house doesn't have to be Pottery Barn. But then the in-laws are coming Sunday so the house needs to be even cleaner! Somedays, wouldn't it be nice to live in one of those catalogs that come in the mail?

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