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Welcome to Random Thoughts Thursday ...

Two new favorite quotes ...

"You say potatoes. I say vodka."
— Karen Walker on "Will & Grace," played by Megan Mullally

"I think when you become a parent you go from being a star in the movie of your own life to the supporting player in the movie of someone else's."
— "The Late, Late Show" host Craig Ferguson in his book, "American on Purpose."

I like this one because I've been thinking a lot lately about how Will might remember his childhood. He's at that age where he really could start remembering things. My earliest memories are from a trip we took when I was age 4 which included a stop at the World's Fair in Knoxville. How his childhood is shaping up compared to mine is worth another posting as is the question, what kind of mother would I like to be? I've been on the job four years now and I still ponder that daily. The first quote, now that's just funny.

On the to-watch list is the movie "Burn After Reading" and ABC summer hit "Wipeout." Have you seen this show? Contestants compete in water obstacle courses and end up covered in mud or foam or both. Will loved it last summer and waited forever for it to be back on this summer. While I don't like all the silly banter, it is kind of fun to watch folks well, wipeout. A side note, Chris and I watched a few minutes of the game show "Downfall" that comes on after "Wipeout" and we were not impressed. It looked very staged. I'll stick to the water fun.

(This post would be longer except Will has been standing by me the entire time asking if I am done and when he can play computer games. And it's driving me $*W^&%3 crazy. This post took about 6 hours to write because of the constant interruptions plus the fact that someone is refusing to nap ... I'm throwing in the towel.)

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