Fabulous Friday

Today is fabulous because I just survived play group at my house! You know some people can easily entertain and are so relaxed ... I'm not one of those folks. I'm stressing about how the house looks and usually cleaning/baking at the last minute. But not this time! I got all the cleaning done last night (maybe I did stay up a bit late to do it) so I just had to put a few things up this morning (or is it just me that dumps a bunch of stuff on the master bed?) and wait.

To be honest having all the kids running all over the place stresses me out. I'm usually doing head counts and cringing as they dump every single toy on the floor. But having Joseph has mellowed me a bit ... sure the toys got dumped everywhere but I had already put up what I didn't want played with so no biggie.

Play group can be fun. Everyone brings snacks and the moms try to hold a conversation. The kids are getting older so there's not as much fighting over toys as there used to be. We headed outside for half the time to blow bubbles and run all over the backyard.

And here's the most fabulous part. Chris' parents are visiting Sunday and the house is already clean. I'll just have to maintain it the rest of today and tomorrow. And tomorrow, since I'm not doing the "big" cleaning like floors, I'll have time to do some nitpicky cleaning like wiping out the microwave and dusting the dining room lights. Stuff no one notices but me and the MIL. Fabulous indeed.

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