Random thoughts

Once again, it's Random Thoughts Thursday. Woo-Hoo.

My mom is slated to be here for a visit any minute. We're looking forward to going to the zoo (yea! water fountains!), the pool (more water!) and maybe our beautiful Botanical Gardens (yes, even there Will can find water in the form of sprinklers). We'll sew pillows for the porch and have folks over to sit on them the 4th. And we always go for Mexican food because it's something my stepdad is not crazy about so mom eats it with us.

Yesterday I got out the popsicle mold for Will and I to play with. I found the mold on sale at Restoration Hardware years before we had kids but I knew it would come in handy one day. Nothing fancy, made grape Kool-aid and poured it in. Though I do want to play with some fancy recipes. And booze! I will definitely be making margarita pops soon. I'm also impressed with SouleMama Amanda and her feel-better pops.

We also made sweet rolls. Okay, I made rolls while the kids tried their best to interrupt my every move. I love the way yeast smells as it rises and then as the bread bakes in the oven ... just heavenly. It's an old family recipe and I haven't quite mastered it yet but the results were still yummy. Will ate two this morning for breakfast. I won't admit how many I ate. It's one recipe that I will not mind practicing again and again. Also on the to-do-one-day-who-knows-when list is to make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.

Here's what I found this week ... I love these pumpkins. Would be great to send to Will's classmates in the fall. And this might be our Christmas card. Though I've already sketched up an idea for us to make. What? Too soon to be thinking about Christmas? Why it is only 176 days away!


  1. If it's any consolation, I've been thinking of Christmas already, too.

  2. I hope your kids are not already singing Christmas carols and working on their wish lists for Santa. It's a torture I wouldn't wish on anyone!