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It's Random Thoughts Thursday ...

How about orange just turned me on to a new site to follow, Draw!Pilgrim. I love me some free printables. All this month, she is offering a pinwheeled-theme birthday package ... invitations, cupcake toppers, the works. Now I just have to wait for Joseph's birthday to roll around. Though I might have to make him some pinwheels just for fun. It's cute watching him trying to blow them. It's also cute when he mimics big brother blowing on his food. We're very much in the "monkey see, monkey do" stage!

My how times have changed. I was interviewed via Facebook this week. Someone sent me some questions based on the fact that I liked a page. The Standard Deluxe page to be exact. They are a screen printing shop based in the small town of Waverly, Ala. I like their stuff. Will even has some of their artwork hanging over his bed. So here's the article. I'm the last quote. 

This week is has been full of experimentation when it comes to Will. He's been unusually super tired (for months it seems) and then added the fun of waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning. Growth spurt? Something medical? So I've talked to the pediatrician. I've talked to my mommy friends. Doctor suggested really watching what Will eats and how he acts afterwards, give it another month and then we could start testing for things. Mommy friends consensus was he needs more sleep. So starting Tuesday, it was back to forcing Will to take an afternoon nap. It's been taken about 20-30 minutes of "stay on the couch and don't move" but eventually, he stops fidgeting, stops talking and falls into a really deep sleep. And he's been easier to deal with (as easy as the average 4 year old can be). Making it up as we go along, hopefully this mystery will work itself out. 

Reading the Twilight series ... again. Loved seeing "Eclipse" on the big screen. I know it's not Austen or Shakespeare but it is entertaining. July "Lucky" and August "Parenting Early Years" just arrived in the mail. My new favorite summer show after "Doctor Who" and "Psych" is "The Good Guys" airing on Fox. Fun characters.

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