We heart pancakes

Good morning. How about some nice pancakes for breakfast?
What, don't have time to make yummy pancakes? Sure you do.
Think it's too much hassle and only reserved for weekends? Why wait?
You can have pancakes any time you want. Here's the secret:

And it's really not much of a secret. I had heard/read you could freeze a batch of pancakes for future use. Wasn't sure I really believed it would work ... until I tried it. And dang if they don't taste fresh after a pop in the toaster!

Around here (to the folks that live with me), I'm know for making chocolate chip pancakes. Chris commented while eating a recent plateful that these would be my specialty. By which he meant that one day in the great future, Will is going to be remembering his childhood and all the yummy pancakes he ate standing on the step stool next to me as I flipped. Most of the pancakes don't make it to the table. The ones we don't eat go to the freezer.

Now, I could make my pancakes from scratch if I wanted to ... but I'm a Bisquick girl. Measure and go. I've tried other mixes, both more and less expensive, and always come back to the classic yellow box. Their recipe makes 12 to 16 pancakes. It depends on how big or small you make them. I used to cut the recipe in half until I figured out that the other half could go in the freezer. For your family, you may need to make two batches or so to get enough to stash.

How I make my pancakes (it's their recipe)

2 cups Bisquick mix
1 cup milk plus a little bit (I like my pancakes a little thinner)
2 eggs

Another secret ... on the box under the recipe they list variations. I like mine "supreme" so I add

2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp banking powder
vanilla (I don't measure my vanilla. Start with a tsp and go from there)

Here's where you could add 1/2 cup chocolate chips to the bowl. Instead, I sprinkle the chips on as the pancakes are cooking. Better to control the distribution of chocolate. Will is especially fond of this part of the process and insists on taste testing the chocolate chips every time to insure quality standards are being meet.

After we've enjoyed our pancakes, the leftovers go into the freezer. The next day or next week, I just take one or two out, pop them in the toaster and in just a few seconds, we're enjoying hot, yummy pancakes. The toaster even melts the chocolate chips just right. Add some scrambled eggs, fruit and a glass of milk and it's a nice and balanced way to start the day.

Psst ... Betty Crocker has some cute pancake placemats for free download here.

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  1. We do frozen pancakes around this house all the time. Some are store-bought (boo) and some are homemade (yay!).