Pause. Reset.

Today was one of those days. Days that I wished I could climb back in bed and stay there forever. But you can't do that when you have kids. Kids that need food and baths and attention, lots and lots of attention.

The day didn't start out bad. The boys and I were having a good time playing when things crossed the line. Will jumped on me without warning, his chin slamming hard into my face, cracking the frame of my glasses. It hurt, it really hurt. Poor William was okay but started crying because I was hurt. It was an accident and no harm was meant. But it did make the rest of the day spiral downward.

The glasses will have to be fixed or replaced. They are so off center that I've had a headache ever since noon. A headache that made being a loving mommy a little harder ... okay, a lot harder ... than usual. I managed to get us outside for a few minutes even though it is sooooo cold here (because we're weather wimps and it's suppose to be 65 now, not 40). I managed to feed the kids something though I can't recall what. I managed to get both bathed and dressed for bed. It was a long day. And I'm going to bed early.

But guess what. There is a highlight to this day. Something that makes me smile. Because as Will was eating dinner, we decided his birthday cake. And then it all fell into place. The cake, the invites, the theme ... it's going to be awesome.

I'm excited. Today was a good day.

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  1. Sorry for your tribulations. You're right about kids needing food, but I gotta tell ya, bathing is optional. Especially on a really crappy day. Hope your end of the 'hood warms up soon. I'm feeling your chill, name sister!