Missing my babies

Hi there ... been away from the computer for a few days. My mom came in town and we were busy having fun with the boys, eating at the places are husbands don't like (McAlister's and Mexican), and working. The big project was getting baby clothes ready for the big consignment sale. I've been shopping the sale for a few years now but this is my first time contributing.

Found in the attic were two boxes of baby clothes that Joseph has already been through. There are three more boxes up there for him to grow into. I saved all of Will's clothes for baby No. 2 so it was good that baby No. 2 was indeed a boy. *

*Mommy confession: I wanted a boy the first time around. Would have been happy with a girl but I wanted a boy. And I wanted a boy the second time around too. I think God knows I know nothing about hair bows and dress-up clothes. Having Hot Wheels scattered in every room of the house is more my speed.

I was the only one sad as we washed/sorted the itty-bitty clothes into piles. I miss my babies. Sure Joseph is still little at 10 months but soon he'll be walking, and then running, away from me. William is just shy of 4. When did he get so tall? When did I blink?

I went looking to see if the boys were pictured in some of the clothes put in the sale. Here's Will in 2006 at 4 months. I thought it was clever that the hood lifts to show an engine. When shopping for boys, your choices are dogs, cars, bugs, construction equipment and dogs and bugs driving cars and construction equipment. Add in Thomas the Tank Engine and that's about it.

Here's Joseph in 2009 at 2 months. I know, look at those legs! NOM NOM NOM. The onesie was something passed down from Will but the shoes were new from one of hubby's co-workers. Yes, a very talented co-worker. I don't think the picture shows how perfectly they matched. Unfortunately, when I saw this picture I remembered that I intended to keep the onesie to save with the shoes but forgot and tagged it for the sale.

Hmmmm ... there's a small chance I could find it and buy it back.

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  1. I've been hanging onto bags upon bags of baby clothes marked for our local consignment shop and I haven't been able to pull the trigger yet!