Fabulous Friday — Alabama Chanin

Just look at those outfits. GORGEOUS!!! They are from the Alabama Chanin Spring 2010 collection. Let me just reach into the ol' wallet to pull out ... hmmm, I've got $3 and about 76 cents in change. Not even close. But here's where I pull the old bait and switch.

Me: Honey, can I have $2,000 for a GORGEOUS dress?
Chris: No.
Me: Then how about $24 bucks for the book that will inspire me to make my own?
Chris: Go for it.
Me: Oh, and I'll need another $24 because there's actually two books ... blah, blah, blah.
Chris: Sure, whatever.

Because I want both of Natalie Chanin's books. Somehow I missed the first one, Alabama Stitch Book, published in 2008. And now the second book, Alabama Studio Style, is arriving on shelves now. Chanin is the designer behind first, Project Alabama, and now Alabama Chanin. A darling of the fashion world, she traveled the world and came home to Florence. The designs are wonderful, rich and very unique. I would love to own a T-shirt or two. She's not selfish either, writing these books to share her how-tos. Now, you may or may not know that I am obsessed with craft/design blogs right now. I love reading wonderful folks sharing their wonderful ideas. I check a bunch daily. And I started to notice a trend. Chanin was everywhere. She drove to Nashville to work a project with this gal. She answered a Q &A here. The new book is being reviewed all over. Makes me wish I thought to request a review copy myself. But I found myself wondering, why is Chanin all over my favorite blogs? And then I found this. Being new to the blogsphere, I hadn't seen a "blog tour" before. It's pure marketing genius. The perfect application of this "new" beast called social media. So follow that link and follow Chanin on her blog tour. Or you can follow me to the bookstore.

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