Random Thoughts No. 22

Will is now a big fan of Battleship. He wanted to rush out and buy the board game after playing at a friend's house. We're not rushing out to buy anything these days so I suggested he might get lucky at the thrift store. It took a few weeks, but he did finally (finally!) find the game (and actually batted his big brown puppy-dog eyes at someone who was eyeing the same game to secure it. Hoping he will only use his power for good in the future!). Between visits to the thrift store, we went old school and printed the game off the computer. I love Cathe's vintage printable at Just Something I Made.

Will (and his daddy) is also a big fan of Minecraft now. I was wondering when the obsession would come to my house. You build things with blocks. For my Lego-lovin' household, it was not a matter of if, but when.

At this moment Joseph is watching the Nova episode "Lizard Kings" on Netflix for at least the sixth time. I can't complain; it is educational. And it inspired a visit to our zoo to see the Komodo dragon there.

Good reads: I found these recent articles on parenting worth sharing ...

Spoiled Rotten Why do kids rule the roost? by Elizabeth Kolbert/The New Yorker
My kids are going to start helping more around here! As soon as I make their breakfast, fold their laundry and cater to their every demand.

Phases and Moments by Kara Gebhart/Huffington Post Parents
Because this parenthood ride is up and down and when you're down, you need a reminder that the ups are coming. I've read this again and again.

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