Friday finds

If the boys are with me on the thrift store rounds, I am limited to walking by the furniture directly to the toys with a quick stop by the books on the way out. I was only able to notice this jacket — purple corduroy? in my size?! — because it was on the rack nearest the toys. If you are a thrift store regular, you are familiar with the color discounts. Each week or day has a different color 50 to 75 percent off. (Or maybe that is just our stores?) Excellent way to keep the store inventory fresh. So while the jacket was $6.99, that day's color was orange making it 75 percent off. I did a little happy dance out the door with my new $1.75 jacket. 

I only got to one thrift store during the annual summer trip to Memphis. (Maybe next summer, Mom and I can take a day to really explore. Seems most of the thrift stores are located on Summer Avenue.) This vintage orange clutch was marked $9.99. Again, it matched the color tag on sale, making it 50 percent off. Still a bit pricey but I kept it in my hand as I walked around. At the register, I was told it was not on sale BUT it sure shouldn't be marked 9.99 either. I may not buy a clutch for $5 but I sure will take it home for $1. And the clerk went ahead and gave me the 50 percent discount. Score!

So now me, my purple jacket and orange clutch need a fun place to go this fall. 

Find anything good recently? Doesn't have to be a thrift store find — maybe you fell in love with a book or movie? A new restaurant in your town? Please share!

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