A happy video for Tuesday

Goodness, is it only Tuesday? The weeks are just dragging here. It's been a lovely summer but I'm ready for fall, ready for a return to routine. We start school Thursday but that feels forever away. So here's a happy book and video some of you might remember.  I grew up watching "Sesame Street," "Mr. Rodgers," "Reading Rainbow" — and despite watching all that TV, turned out all right. I was hopeful the boys would like "Sesame Street" too but neither turned into fans. (I think the newer seasons have lost some of the magic. Hey, there's always "The Muppet Show.")

When I brought home "The Four Seasons" from a thrift visit, I thought at least I can share some of the magic I remember with the boys. I think it's pretty neat that they took some of the skits and turned them into books. Dear Prairie Dawn directs Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Herry Monster and lovable furry old Grover in a play about the four seasons, copyright 1979.

"First the sun starts to shine. Then the rain starts to shower, and up from the ground 
grows a beautiful ... flower!"



  1. I have been introducing my soon-to-be first grader to all the shows of my childhood too - we got the 'Sesame Steet Old School' dvd's from the library - so fun seeing all the old bits that I remember! Also got the "Monster at the End of This Book" (with Grover) app for Iphone - SO fun, have been watching Mr. Rogers on PBS, and we are just starting on Reading Rainbow.

  2. "Monster at the End of This Book" is my favorite!!!