A boy and his pack-pack

This is Joseph. This is his pack-pack.
(Though now he has learned to say backpack. Darn!)

This is all his worldly possessions, as of this moment, captured. 

Joseph is quite the possessive kid. And the moment he set eyes on this backpack, he decided it was his. Never mind the fact I bought it for Will. Luck for Joseph, Will needed a tote bag for kindergarten, not a backpack. Some days, the bag is empty. Some days, it is packed full. Not every day does it go everywhere with us, but only important treasures are inside when it does. 

I get a kick out of this photo from Joseph's birthday party. One of his teachers happened to be at school for a meeting and was able to pop into the gym to say hi. He immediately ran to get his backpack and showed her everything inside, ignoring the rest of the party going on around him. Of course, she oohed and aahed over his treasures. (He probably did this because backpack does not go to school. Nor does Baby Bunny any more. Baby Bunny was getting in too much trouble.)

Maybe this is just one way he takes after his momma. I'm like a boy scout, always prepared. My purse is stocked with sunscreen, at least two Hot Wheels, wipes, bandages and much more. My diaper bag packing skills were awesome. I'm also "a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is." Don't you?

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