A picture worth a thousand cliches

There is a mini gladiolus that grows next to the stairs. It was there when we got here. It doesn't seem to have been planted with any plan in mind. It just appears, well away from the flower bed it should have been planted in, and blooms quite nicely year after year ...

Or it would have bloomed quite nicely if someone hadn't stomped it. Completely flattened. I don't know who so I can't lay blame. I was just sad it wasn't going to share its beauty this year. But then, Mother Nature again showed she's not a force to be messed with. Out of the flattened stalks, one stem reached high to bloom. Sure we've all have good days and bad days, but that doesn't mean we can't make do and do our best. Bloom where we're planted. Stop and smell the flowers. Look for the silver lining. Good things come to those who wait ... yada yada yada.

(Insert your own tired cliche here.)

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