Fabulous Friday — Book jackpot

My Mother's Day was quite nice. I was woken up quite early by my two lovely boys, one of whom was very excited to share the present he made at school (a beautiful votive decorated with flowers). We took a nice hike a Ruffner Mountain. Joseph immediately fell asleep on the ride home so I suggested a short detour to a couple of thrift stores I had never visited. Chris was ready to go home but, since it was Mother's Day, he pointed the van in the right direction. Good call because I found a lot of great books!

Six Richard Scarry books! We heart Scarry! I'm loving "The Early Bird" from 1968. The early bird gets the worm ... and invites him home for dinner and a sleepover. Very cute!

I pretty much pick up any book published by Parents' Magazine Press. While I wonder if bringing home older nature books might have information that is no longer scientifically valid, these illustrations from the 70s are so worth a little misinformation. "Wonders of Nature," 1974.

Edward Gorey! Score!
(also from Parents' Magazine Press, 1971)

Maurice Sendak! Score!

The drawings are not "busy" but packed with so much detail. The book dates to 1955 but Sendak recolored the illustrations in 1997. I love the dedication in the front ... "for fun." Yes, Sendak certainly gave us all a lot of fun!

What fun treasures have you found lately?

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  1. Wow, great stuff! I love parents press too an always pick them up if I find them. :) Glad you had a good mothers day!!