Making us proud

William was interviewed at the library yesterday about his yard sale/lemonade stand last fall. He raised $35 for the library to buy new materials. When he donated the money, they asked him what kind of books he would want — castle books and Army DVD — and that's exactly what they got him. And he got to be the first person to check them out. Yes, they filmed him doing it.

"All About the Military" (includes "All About the Space Shuttle") DVD
"Over at the Castle" by Boni Ashburn/illustrations by Kelly Murphy
"Look Inside a Castle" by Jenny Moss

The footage from the interview is going to be used in a new capital campaign. I can't wait to see it. I warned them — you never know what you are going to get interviewing someone so young. But Will was great and had no trouble answering their questions. We're rather proud of our little guy.

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