Love the library

Will wanted to have a yard sale. I'm not sure exactly where he got the idea ... I'm betting it was from our favorite show de jour Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, a cute show from PBS Kids. After agreeing that yes one day not specified in the somewhat future we could have a yard sale, a neighbor called telling me they were having one. I quickly asked if we could come join them — they get great traffic at the end of the street. I didn't have much to put in a sale but I figure that anything would satisfy Will's whim. 

To encourage a charitable spirit, I suggested to Will that a part of the proceeds could go to our local library. The library system recently faced a 48 percent cut in budget for buying books and DVDs. Where else would we be able to get a constant fix for our Thomas obsession?! Though Will is past that stage, I'm looking ahead to when Joseph moves to the island of Sodor. We need the library to keep us from going bankrupt. Will liked the idea of raising money for the library. He also like the idea that he could spend the rest of the money on toys. Win-win in his book. 

Will really got into selling his toys. We cleaned out under the bed and went through baskets. And while Will wanted to sell everything, I had to remind him that even though he may not play with that truck or that puzzle, his brother does. Mommy and daddy gathered up some things too. 

We had the yard sale Oct. 23. It was a beautiful day. I sent an e-mail out to friends hoping they would come support Will. In case they didn't want to buy our junk, I made cookies and lemonade to sell. With something for everyone, we headed out early to set up.

I'm proud to report that Will raised $35 dollars for the library. When the librarians found out, they wanted to make a big fuss over him. We considered their request for Will to make his donation at the next City Council meeting. But we preferred a smaller fuss. Don't want him to think that every time he does something nice he gets to meet the mayor! 

Today we went to our branch and Will gave his library fund jar to Renee Blalock, the top bigwig for the entire library system. I thought it was very nice of her to come from the downtown branch to see Will. They took pictures with plans to publicize his donation hoping to spur more folks to donate. We hope it does encourage people to support one of the few things in our county that works. 

A big THANK YOU to the friends that came to the sale to support Will!

Miss the yard sale? Donate here.

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