Who who loves Christmas?

I always buy the Martha Stewart Holiday special edition. Always. This year, I also purchased the Woman's Day Best Ideas for Christmas special edition. Mostly because several people I read were featured in the Make it Simple section. Yea them!

Flipping through I found lots of other inspiration for the holidays. Once I saw the owl on page 56, I knew I had to make some. Originally, I planned to make a garland for the mantle to decorate for Thanksgiving. But I blew that deadline. Now, they'll be ornaments and gift tags for special folks. Chris dubbed them Christmas owls anyway.

I took this ...

And turned it into ...

I'd link to the instructions but Woman's Day has not posted them. It's pretty cut and dry. I didn't use the template in the magazine but free-handed all the cuts. I used a hot glue gun to attach the felt pieces to burlap. Finished product seemed a little flimsy so I glued another oval of burlap to the back, putting ribbon between the layers to make a hanger. 

Would you like one? Make a comment by Friday and I'll send out three randomly. 

handmade projects


  1. I totally love owls!!
    These are super cute for Christmas!!

  2. Love them! Thanks for the tip!

  3. These are so cute. I have collected owls for about 35 years and would love to add one of these owls to my bulletin board.

  4. Owls for everyone! Like I'm just going to pick 3 of you. E-mail me your address.

    (Giveaway officially closed)

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