Fabulous Friday — Benjamin Franklin

I adore makeup. I love to buy it. Which is funny because I don't wear it that much. And what I adore more than makeup is makeup samples. I'm a makeup sample hoarder. Those free gifts with purchase ... basically makeup samples. We have two Sephora stores in town (I heart Sephora) but I would rather order online because each order comes with three samples. Just something about the little packages makes me happy.

So when I read about Birchbox (via Cool Mom Picks) it was as if it was made just for me. It's a makeup sample monthly subscription service. They send you new samples every month. Now, that is fabulous. The plan is that you'll love the product and want to buy more. It's not cheap so I'm going pass. I like my samples free. My words to Chris were, I can think of other ways to spend $100. For example ...

Red Rosette Tote, $28
Night Owl Paper Goods

You Are Where You Need to Be, 11x14, $28
LoveSugar (via Paper Crave)

Dreams and Love, 11x14, $28

Nest Necklace, $125
My Retro Baby

So if you had Ben Franklin drop out of sky like magic, what would you buy? 

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