Random Thoughts

I've got some family crap going on right now. I would use stronger language but my mother-in-law sometimes reads this blog. I don't want to talk about it, but I don't not want to talk about it so I've been quiet over here in my neck of the internet woods. I feel I should be honest on my blog about my life but at the same time, my focus has mostly been the kids and crafting and happy rainbow unicorns so I don't want to bring anyone down with long essays about crap however therapeutic it might be for me.

(There are some wonderful folks about there really sharing their lives, the good and bad, including Amalah, Finslippy and Suburban Snapshots. I admire them.)

So let's talk about other things shall we?

Joseph went to the doctor two weeks ago for fever. During the exam the doctor saw that one of his ear tubes looked to be making its way out. Fast forward two weeks, both tubes are out and we've got a double-ear infection on our hands. Fun times. If this infect is not easy to heal, we are very likely looking at a second set of tubes. I'm all for it. I love them. When they are in, neither boy has/had ear infections. We were lucky with William that when his tubes came out, his ears had done what they needed to do (grow/change shape/I don't know I'm not a doctor) so we didn't see repeat infections. But if we do have to get a second set of tubes, I can guarantee more cute pictures like these.

(Break to vacuum house while kids still in school)

(Break to pick up kids)

(Break to rake more leaves, play outside with the neighbors, take video of Will learning how to jump rope, take pictures of Joseph raking like a big boy, dinner, bath, bedtime)

(Break to watch first 10 minutes of Gray's Anatomy)

William got $10 from his MayMay and NanNay for Valentine's Day and boy, he could not spend it fast enough. Unfortunately, the thing he really, really wanted — Power Miners Legos — has been discontinued. What, one of my kids' favorite things and you're not making them any more?! But we were able to find the Fire Blaster (#8188) still in stock on the amazing Amazon and then had to wait an agonizing two days for the UPS truck. So now I'm hitting eBay pretty hard for more Power Miners. I scored the really big set Will "has always wanted forever" at a good price for birthday or Christmas. Go Mom!

Unfortunately, buying stuff is very therapeutic so I also have two cookbooks on their way here. I vow to cook at least one thing from each within one week of receiving them. Chocolate is therapeutic too.

(Okay, I'm going back to Gray's and then going to bed. Hiding under the covers maybe not therapeutic BUT at least I'll be well rested for whatever hits me tomorrow.)


  1. Hope all is OK! We're playing the ear infection game at our house right now too. Let me know if you want to talk or get together!

  2. What is it with little boys and ear infections?! It's like their ears are not genetically designed to drain properly or something. My way of dealing with the "crap" part of life is to have 2 blogs--- a family one which is where I unload the good, the bad & everything in between; and my blogger blog which is mostly just rainbows and sunshine type stuff. :)