Retail therapy

I don't suggest you go hog wild, but let's admit it — sometimes getting yourself a little happy makes the day a little happier. With that in mind, I got me some happies.

This had been on my wish list for awhile. Delicious Days is the first cookbook from Nicole Stich who writes a food blog by the same name. She had me hooked with her easy gnocchi recipe. I've flipped through and found several recipes I want to try. It's out of print but I found a used English edition on Amazon. There is a second cookbook coming but only in German for now.

I get a kick out of the book's spine not matching its neighbors because it is European. Makes me feel very continental. (I would link to an explanation for this but couldn't find a clear answer.)

I love tiny colanders. They're cute and useful. Just perfect to rinse a few berries or grapes for my boys. And the orange color, well ... I had to have it. 

My excuse to buy these strawberries was I needed something to photograph. Even though it's way early for these berries, they sure were good!

We have new pillows! It was a late Christmas present from my mom (we bought them during her recent visit instead of driving them home in a van already packed full at Christmas). What a treat to toss out the old, nasty stained pillows and sink into new fluffiness. Thanks Mom!

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