Lego heart necklace

How About Orange

I just saw this DIY pixel heart necklace (made with paper) on one of my favorite Web sites, How About Orange, and immediately had to make one ...

with Legos! 

And I'm going to wear it this weekend to Brickfair, because where else would I wear a Lego heart but to a convention filled to the top with Lego-goodness. This is the second year for Birmingham to host the convention for AFOLs (Adult Fans of Legos) and it's lots of fun to take the boys to see all the cool things folks have built with Legos.

Since I've never shared this, here's another Lego necklace I made about two years ago. Super-easy DIY (two Lego pieces, two jump rings and a length of chain) that always gets me compliments.

Okay, now that I thoroughly wasted an hour, I guess I'll wash those dinner dishes.


  1. If you decided to sell either of these, I would totally order one. More than one, probably!

  2. OMG I totally need one. We are going to be Legomaniacs in this household! I have to tear Jason away from the Lego aisle at Target already. He's counting the days (hours? minutes?) until little DL is old enough to bust them out!

  3. how do you put holes in the lego pieces?

  4. The Lego pieces I used already had the hold in them, brick No. 3176. Though I guess I could drill some holes with my new Dremel.

  5. Definitely like the simple two-brick one. Those already had holes? I'm so outta the Lego loop.

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