The not-a-box disco party box

It feels like it's been raining forever! At least every day this week and last. The only thing that has saved my sanity is THE BOX. I spied the box at a neighbor's house. Seems they got a delivery. We're all tight on my street so I immediately asked for the box, dragged box to my house, barely got it through the door and then rejoiced in the peace and quiet the box brought to my house. Not so much the quiet because jailers and prisoners can be rather loud when an escape attempt is ongoing. The day after I got the box is when it started raining and raining and raining. (Good Lord, when will it stop?!) Which is sad because I had dragged the second big box to the backyard for more fun and it's now a sad pile of damp cardboard. 

Now when I first spied the box, all kind of ideas ran through my head. Ideas that I had pinned just waiting for the opportunity to show up on the curb. Should I make a playhouse? A reading nook? 

Holly/Life as a Thrifter

Come on, isn't this amazing?!! What a lovely little house. My hats off to this mom for all the love she put into making it. Wallpaper! A mirror! But before my fantasies ran away from me, I stepped away from the craft supplies and decided to just let my boys decide where the play led. So the box is unchanged expect for some markers and a barred window in the back for the prisoners. EXCEPT for the Christmas lights which hey, they were still plugged up so not too hard to add them to the box. I got the idea here. It's fun listening to the boys and their friends play or for us all to pile in to read books. 

To be honest, while I love the occasional rainy day best spent reading in bed, these days of damp are starting to get to me. We're promised some sun on Friday but that's after a chance of snow Thursday. Which at my house, will more likely just be more rain. Time for an inspirational quote: 

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  1. No rain, no rainbow! I've seen that box w/Christmas lights idea on Pinterest. And I must say, even though DL is only 8 months, boxes already are The Best Entertainment Ever. Except maybe the bag of pretzel crisps which I berated Jason for buying at the airport for $6.99 -- until that bag kept DL entertained the ENTIRE flight to Florida. Worth. Every. Overpriced. Penny.