Let them eat cake!

My friend Vivi is getting hitched. So I pulled out my wedding magazines and have been drooling over flowers and cakes and especially, flowers + cakes! 

I cannot find an online picture of my favorite wedding cake off all time (pg. 249 Martha Stewart Weddings Winter/Spring 1998). But my friend Laura had a cake that was very similar so she shared this pretty picture.

Here's a more exotic, colorful version.

Can't really tell in this picture, but I think those are raspberries. 
Would be very easy to change to roses.

Here's a picture of our cake. It was the only one I could find but I'm sure there are better pictures somewhere. On top was a simple flower arrangement in a mint julep cup. I guess it would have been nice to have the cup monogrammed. Notice the cake had two layers, chocolate and vanilla. Chris is a big chocolate fan (budget tip: by incorporating chocolate into the cake we cut the cost of a groom's cake). To the right is a big platter of chocolate leaves to go with the fall theme. The cutie is my cousin Kathleen. She's now in high school!

Here is the cake from the most recent wedding I attended back in November. 
It does not fit the floral theme, but I wanted to include it ....

because it had the cutest little bride and groom birdies!

Cake tips for the bride? Want to vote for your favorite?

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