Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Recently, I went to the internet for a last-minute, easy-to-make recipe for a festival cake walk. Chocolate chip cookie cake covered in buttercream icing? Heck yeah!

I got the recipe from Culinary in the Desert, who based their recipe off Martha.

When I'm searching for new recipes on the Web, I like to type "best ever" before what I am looking for. Examples would be "best ever banana bread" or "best ever biscuits." My theory is that if folks are going to praise their creations that highly, the recipe might be worth a shot.

That's how I found Sweetnicks' The Best Buttercream Frosting Ever. I may never, ever make a different recipe of buttercream ever. It's that good. 

But if you know of a better recipe I should try, I'll be glad to do the research! I find cake is just an excuse to eat icing.