Thrifty goodness

Lately, I've had some luck at the local thrift store ...

I hadn't heard of this book before but with the names Margaret Wise Brown + Leonard Weisgard, I took it home without looking at it first. (That I managed to look at anything was amazing because Joseph was asleep in my arms!) I'm glad I did. What a gem for $1.

Still holding Joseph, I spied some real treasure. Apparently, these preschool books were included free when you bought your Encyclopedia Britannica. Dated 1966. The set originally numbered 13, but only seven of the books found their way to the thrift. Yes, I feel the urge to track down the other six. I bet I won't find them for 59 cents like the ones pictured above!

From "Understanding Numbers"

What is it about circa 1960s illustrations that make my heart happy?! 
I want to jump into this picture! 

And the fabric that I used as the background? A new skirt I'm looking forward to wearing in the spring after a winter of gray and black.

What treasures have you found at the thrift store lately?

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