Think I can wear them anyway?

The big fundraiser for Will's school is the annual spring garage sale. It is huge and takes us parents all week to set up. As a thank you, we can attend a pre-sale the night before. Of course I usually spend the week taking note of all the things I want. This year I brought home a Cole Haan purse in the most wonderful light green for spring ($2, I prefer to think it is not a fake), a huge Hot Wheels track set for the boys ($3), several strands of vintage costume pearls ($6) and some Born sandals in my size ($1.50).

I love Born sandals and usually buy a pair every other summer. They are so comfortable and quality-made; worth the price in my opinion. So I was super excited to snag a pair that looked barely worn. There was just one problem that I didn't notice until I got home ...

Can you spot the problem? Since the shoes that did not sell were still at school, I checked today to find the missing mates but no luck. My theory is someone out there is going to realize soon that they grabbed the wrong shoes to donate. 

Did I mention how comfortable they are? I'm so wearing them anyway ... at least around the house ... and maybe to the store ...

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