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You could call me cheap but I prefer the thrifty. Chris can be even cheaper than me, but we'll call him very thrifty. Even if we had the money, we'd rather pay the lowest price possible. Watching Chris shop online for hotel deals is like watching a master surgeon or painter ... very intense and impressive.

There are a few folks online that routinely share their thrifty finds. Some I follow include Life in the Fun LaneMADEIS*LY I still love you. I'll admit, I get rather jealous at all the wonderful things they find out and about at great deals. I love yard sales, estate sales, antique and thrift stores. One day I'll get to thrift to my heart's content but life right now only allows for the occasional shopping session. 

Recently, I found this fabulous folding chair (60s? early 70s?) in perfect condition for $4. I thought it would be fun to take a few photos in the backyard. Neighbor Laura, fabulous in her own right, was going to model the chair for me but you can see that everyone else, including the dog, wanted in on the fun ...

Favorite thrift store? Best thing you ever found at a yard sale? 
Please share.

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