Fabulous Friday — Dressing like a grown up

Recently I dropped off some pants at my favorite consignment shop, Zoe, located in Forest Park. Of course since I was kid-free, I had to look around and soon they started a dressing room for me. And this is what I found when I was ready to try on. (Sorry, just had the cell phone with me.) 

All the clothes sort of match color-wise. This really floored me. I wouldn't be able to voice what my favorite colors/combinations are but there that answer was, staring me in the face. I had subconsciously picked out complete outfits and items that could be mixed and matched to make more outfit combinations.

Whoa! When did this happen? I'm such a T-shirt and jeans girl. But maybe it is time for me to pay more attention to my appearance before the guys from "What Not to Wear" show up ... actually Stacy and Clinton you are welcome anytime!

Curious what I took home? The teal long shirt (first from the left) and the green shrug (fourth from right). I let my consignment credit build and consider it my mad money.

Folks who really know how to put together color combinations ...

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