This is what my weekend looked like ... and so will the rest of the week. It's that time again to switch out the winter clothes for warmer-weather gear. So Chris was sent into the attic to bring down the hand-me-downs which of course got sorted carefully as shown before finding their way into the correct drawers. And into the attic will go what Will grew out of this year to wait patiently for Joseph in two years. Chris does not understand what a big job this can be so here is my outline for the task ... 

Operation Clothing Swap

A. Clothes down from attic DONE

B. Sort attic clothes into piles: consignment, pass to friend having a baby boy in August, keepers, hand-me-downs for Joseph and whatever I bought ahead for Will DONE

C. Tag consignment pile for big sale (drop-off deadline looming!!!)

D. Take small sizes/winter clothes out of Will's closet and drawers DONE

E. Take small sizes/winter clothes out of Joseph's closet and chifforobe 

F. Ready Will's old clothes for attic making sure boxes labeled correctly DONE

G. Put boxes back into attic

H. Put summer clothes in Will's drawers and closet DONE

I. Put summer clothes in Joseph's chifforobe and closet

J. Make note of things boys need and alert the grandmothers

K. Shop big consignment sale (I try to only spend what I hope to make)

L. Repeat in September

Of course, as soon as I started the switch, the weather here went from 70 to 40. 

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