White Christmas!

Birmingham saw an amazing site Christmas Day ... SNOW! I wasn't happy earlier in the week when the weatherman started throwing the s-word around. Will was already excited enough that I didn't need one more thing to send him bouncing against the walls. Then Chris said the report changed, no snow. Then, less than 12 hours later the snow was back on and this time it was all but guaranteed. However, when it comes to snow in the South, seeing is believing. 

Even more amazing, it snowed off and on through the night. Then snowed most of the morning. Much did not stick to the ground but it was enough to have a decent snowball flight. Joseph loved it and had to be dragged into the house when his clothes got too wet. 

Now, the National Weather Service does not count our Christmas snow as a true "White Christmas" event. I beg to differ. That's my lawn. That is snow. It is Christmas. Very cool!

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