Top 10 of 2010

The Associated Press and pretty much every newspaper in the country will be running year-in-review stories this week. The top stories of 2010 here in Alabama include Auburn heading to the BCS national championship game the year after Alabama did the same and the race for governor. Nationwide it was health care and the Gulf oil spill.

But when you stay home, your world is much smaller. Here is our household's Top 10 for 2010 ...

Pretty Little Nest — Starting this blog in January was sort of a big deal for me. It's been a good creative outlet for writing and crafts and I love sharing pictures and stories of the boys with family and friends.

Broccoli  — Both boys will eat broccoli. Nothing fancy done to it, just steamed. Willingly. It boggles my mind. Here is the more amazing thing ... Now I eat broccoli too. I used to force a few bites for the kids' sake. After a few times, I stopped gagging. I eat more than a few bites. I told my mom and she wasn't sure I was her daughter.

The job front — Chris ends the year employed. There were talks of layoffs around March but enough folks took the buyouts for it not to come to that. We toyed with the idea of taking the buyout, buying an Airstream and touring the country while the boys were young ... but we're not that carefree. It's good to have a job these days.

Miata and Mustang (counts for two) — Chris bought his mid-life crisis in August and I sold my own mid-20s version to my uncle in October. Both guys are loving their toys. We should have sold the '65 years ago but it worked out well for it to stay in the family.

Maja moving — One of my closest mommy friends moved far, far away in December. We knew it was coming since the job offer was made earlier in the fall. I cried when she told me. I cried helping them pack the van. I cried the next day at drop-off and pickup at school because it was THE day they were moving. I'm not one for change. It takes a village and the village I have developed around myself and the boys has been pretty good. You are not suppose to use your friends, but I use mine to make me a better person. Maja was good influence on me in small and big ways. Will asked today when we were going to go visit and I know it's going to be sooner than later.

Enzo — We said goodbye to Enzo in November. He was a lovable mutt with the most beautiful brown eyes and unconditional love for everyone he met.

Behind the scenes — Some of my earliest memories start around age 4. Now that my oldest is that age, I wonder what memories Will is making right now that he will remember forever. Will he remember the nice volunteer taking him behind the scenes at the Georgia Aquarium, just him and daddy? I know Chris will remember it. That was a special day in November for both of them.

Penicillin — We didn't have allergies to worry about until Joseph came along. He's allergic to penicillin and learning that in February was rather scary for mommy and daddy. He looked awful covered in spots. The fact that they got a whole lot worse before getting better was no fun. But he was a champ, didn't bother him a bit. Left me a worried mess, but he was a champ.

The storm — This is probably the biggest story of our year. It certainly is my most-viewed post to date. The October event was all the neighbors talked about for weeks. We're still working on fixing the damage and we don't even have an entire house to rebuild like Mavis and Shea. It's one of those things we'll remember for a long time.

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