The house that Will built

Sick of hearing how wonderful our library is? Tough. Because they are a big part of our annual Christmas traditions. Sadly, we missed making the handprint wreaths this year because we were out of town. Last year's wreaths get to hang over the mantle twice.

We did not miss decorating gingerbread houses. Heaven forbid we miss decorating the gingerbread houses since Will only asked a million times when we would be decorating gingerbread houses at the library.

It takes a lot of concentration to build a gingerbread house. And you need a dedicated co-worker to (taste) test the materials for you.

More building ...

More tasting ...

The house that Will built. Notice the marshmallow rocks crushing the gingerbread men. And the man trapped on the roof.

Things are much happier next door at momma's.

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